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Living corporate values is sometimes easier said than done. We want to make it easy, fun and profitable for you. This is why we launched our Ethical Performance Improvement Campaign (EPIC) Journey.  We are happily working with our old and with our new clients, enabling them to embed their corporate values and transform their cultures to the good.


The EPIC Journey is a structured transformation process which allows your organisation to take stock and begin your own journey of having greater transparency and ethical behaviours – linked to improved business performance.



We start with a robust assessment which then enables us to work in partnership with you in developing a vision, a strategy and an action plan which we continually assess.  The EPIC Journey is equally suited to big and small organisations – private and public sector.


As part of our overall EPIC Journey offering we provide an extensive range of services including:

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With over twenty years of experience, Abundant Sun is established as one of the leading global providers of diversity & inclusion training initiatives


We love what we do, and wish for our work to continue to touch every segment of society. Our client-base spans multinational companies, including banks and law firms, as well as small and medium sized businesses, government and public sector bodies, schools, universities, and charities.


Our style is very insightful, fun and participative, engaging delegates throughout. From our warm-up exercises, to quizzes, facilitated discussions, interactive presentations, online questionnaires and audio-visual materials, each component is designed with the delegates comfort and enjoyment at the heart of the learning. We make it memorable so the learning remains fresh in the mind long after the course has finished.


Unconscious Bias and Personal Skills Development are just a few of our most popular diversity programmes, although we have many more – please just ask us for details!


You’ll find that we are also highly responsive in developing bespoke solutions to meet your unique organisational training needs.


Gone are the days when responsibility for driving this agenda can be delegated to human resources and middle management. What makes diversity and inclusion initiatives great successes are those that have inclusive leaders behind, and in front of, them.


We grow this type of leadership by working strategically and very closely with human resource and organisational development professionals in up-skilling executives to high levels of competence.


Our partnership with Dr. Gillian Shapiro who has been leading the way in the UK with her research on Inclusive Leadership, creates a unique blended approach.


The services we provide include:

  • Inclusive leadership development programmes, masterclasses and modules
  • Consultancy to embed inclusive leadership in core processes helping you to recruit, develop, promote and reward inclusive leadership behaviours
  • Coaching for leaders and change agents to help sustain inclusive leadership behaviours, accountability and culture
  • Large-scale staff development training rollouts
Inclusive Leadership
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Our international associates enable our clients to improve their business performance ethically. Working together as a unified team, we provide up-to-date research, organisational transformation management, and innovative learning and development interventions, to facilitate growth. We have worked with many clients to assist them in developing and implementing diversity programmes and strategies. We are a multidisciplinary team, with expertise in social, environmental and economic accountability, and across a wide variety of sectors and industries.


We provide high quality research to our clients, enabling us to identify key ethical issues and concerns within stakeholder communities. We are skilled at using both quantitative and qualitative methods in our data collection. Our ability to provide comprehensive and readable reports enables our clients to make informed and well-considered decisions, leading to positively impactful and meaningful actions and outcomes. Key services we provide are: stakeholder surveys, focus groups, statistical data analysis, and policy review.

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Abundant Sun provides professional and individual mentoring to diversity professionals, senior executives and individual diversity committee members. Many businesses have programmes which sponsor members of under-represented groups, in order to support their professional development. It has been our experience that diversity professionals, who often feel isolated within their organisations, require just as much, if not more support. Passion and commitment do not provide enough fuel to make a change management strategy work. We provide practitioners and executive champions with support in developing more concrete knowledge, clearer frameworks and more effective strategies, in order to achieve their personal and organisational objectives and help them become inclusive leaders.


We are experts in technical diversity audits of all kinds and can help your organisation carry out a broad range of assessments. Equal Pay is currently on the radar for many organisations in the UK.

Audits & Assessments

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