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Our Core Team



Co-founder & CEO

Jude Smith Rachele provides research, consultancy, coaching and educational services in the areas of diversity management, change management, corporate governance, business ethics and collective engagement. She also enjoys being executive producer of digital media projects aimed at raising social awareness and promoting social justice and ethics.


Jude’s main focus is enabling companies to reinforce and realise their key corporate values through democratic dialogue and action research. She holds a B.A in Psychology and a research PhD in Business.


Firmly committed to education, personal and organisational development, Jude is a dynamic, insightful and enjoyable consultant, trainer and presenter. Originally from the USA, she has lived and worked internationally across EMEA and the Americas. Alongside her native language of English, she also speaks Spanish and conversational in Dutch.

As an accomplished performing artist, teacher and innovator, Rollin brings a brilliant creative flare to Abundant Sun’s business and product development. A true creative, he helps Abundant Sun and its clients conceptualise, define, and constantly re-define what it is that makes each of them unique and highly competitive. On a practical training and development level, he applies his artistic skills to the areas of stress management, team development, work-life balance, creativity and innovation.


Rollin is firmly committed to enabling people find greater confidence, self-awareness and self-expression through the use of their voices. He does this by helping individuals discover their vocal systems, and by coaching them on how to create and sustain healthy habits.


Rollin also makes scientific contributions to academic establishments, such as the American Laryngological Voice Research and Education Foundation (ALVRE), The International Voice Symposium in Salzburg, Austria and The Voice Foundation of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Rollin teaches worldwide, and has lived and worked in the USA, The Netherlands, Germany, The United Kingdom, France and Spain.


Rollin holds a 1st Class Honours Degree in Music from Trinity Laban Music Conservatoire, London.


Alongside his native language of English, he also speaks Dutch, German and basic conversational Spanish.

Rollin Rachele


Co-founder & Creative Director



Operations Director

Andrew is a senior equality, diversity & inclusion practitioner, with over 20 years experience. Andrew is passionate about client satisfaction, getting the best out of people, and focusing upon the scientific analysis of equality and diversity data. He provides research, analysis, strategy development, and advice on the direction and implementation of diversity and inclusion change management programmes.


Andrew has extensive expertise in diversity reporting, and oversees the development and implementation of: employee engagement surveys; customer advocacy scores; equal pay audits and workforce profiles. He is expert at applying advanced methodologies and modelling techniques.


Before joining Abundant Sun, Andrew was the senior diversity and inclusion manager for Lloyds Banking Group. Whilst in that role, Lloyds achieved the number one position in every major diversity benchmark in the UK. He is a great team leader and has mentored and coached professionals in diversity and inclusion. He has particular interests in equal pay, positive action training, flexible working, employee diversity networks, and customer diversity.


Prior to becoming a diversity and inclusion practitioner Andrew held a number of generalist HR and business management roles.


We have a large and invaluable team of associates who contribute to the work of Abundant Sun. All of those who work with us share our values around cultural diversity, human rights, health and well-being. They each make great contributions to the organisational development of our clients who benefit from our specialists in the areas of:

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Human Resources
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Research & Development
  • Organisational Development
  • Performance Management
  • Change Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Engagement
  • Policy Development
  • Creativity & Innovation

Our Values

Core values are most powerful when they represent the true essence of an organisation.
Abundant Sun has a very special energy which attracts fantastic consultants and great clients.


We design and deliver world-class products and services


We generate creative and innovative approaches to human and organisational development


We ensure that all the work we carry out is highly relevant for our clients and provides demonstrable returns on investment


We bend but we don’t break in times of uncertainty and change


We dedicate our resources to projects that we believe are for the greater good


We stay light on our feet, and we welcome and enjoy life’s challenges

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