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Abundant Sun is in search of new Associates to join our expanding global team.  There are three different layers. We need Diversity & Inclusion Trainers/Facilitators, Diversity & Inclusion Organisational Development Specialists and Forum Theatre Actors/Facilitators.

To find out more please go to our Latest News article which can be found here.

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We are a vibrant international training and organisational transformation agency dedicated to achieving profitability with integrity.


What makes us special is that we are experts in global diversity, inclusion and corporate responsibility, and that we ensure this expertise is embedded into all aspects of our work and our clients’ organisations.

Who we are at Abundant Sun

We have been delighting the clients with whom we have worked since 2003 and are now operating globally with offices in both the UK and USA


We effectively address the complex relationship between financial performance and business ethics; as well as delivering a large suite of highly effective training & development programmes to our clients across the globe.


We provide organisations, and the individuals who work for them, with knowledge and sustainable skills which help to improve business performance via ethical means.

Third world entrepreneur

Our associates come from diverse backgrounds and provide a broad range of services which assist our clients in developing values-driven organisations.


Amongst us, our clients find specialists in the areas of:


  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Recruitment & Selection

  • Research & Development

  • Organisational Development

  • Metrics & Analytics

  • Performance Management

  • Change Management

  • Leadership Development

  • Creativity & Innovation